Regulation of the International Children’s Film and Television Festival “KINOSVET”

Our goals:

  • to hear the teens’ needs and find out their interests
  • to help teens to get in touch with themselves and others through creativity
  • to help teens to express what excites them through such tools as cinema, television, animation

Our tasks:

  •  to unite like-minded people
  •  to analyze and support teens’ creativity
  •  to teach the basics of film and television art with participation of world-class professionals
  • for teen’s works further promotion
  • to discuss topics such as the meaning of life and cinema, nobility and generosity
  • to talk about how creativity can affect this world
  • to discuss how to develop and maintain the talent properly

The International Children’s Film and Television Festival “KINOSVET” includes various programs for participation.

 In the “KinoLeader” ( CinemaLeader) Academy, children aged 10-18 who enrolled in film / television studios, film schools, creative associations, or film their own work on a camera, ,  video camera, or phone.

The program “KinoProfi” (CinemaPro) will include short films for children and adolescents that will be selected by the Festival’s Selection Committee. Selected works will be exhibit as charity shows at selected Latvian cinemas.

 Those wishing to present their work for participation in the festival must submit to the Organizing Committee of the festival an application for participation by the deadline set by the Organizing Committee. Selection of films for participation in the festival is carried out by the Festival’s Selection Committee.

All films participating in the festival must be sent together with the application to the organizing committee of the festival no later than April 14, 2021.

Films previously presented at other film festivals can take part in the competition.

The festival management reserves the right to use the fragments of the film for promotional purposes of the festival.

Technical requirements

All submitted works must be free of:

          – Scenes and subjects that offend and discriminate the feelings, looks, associations etc of devotees (of various faiths and religions);

          – plots and frames that advertise or promote drugs, alcohol, smoking, and other vices.

          – scenes of cruelty and violence

          – non-normative vocabulary and obscene language

The festival selection committee gives priority to films that elevates and promotes questions of friendship, loyalty, honor, love, compassion, mercy, respect, diligence, responsibility, patience, sincerity, and other moral values.

Duration of the work is not limited.

To participate in the festival, you need to provide materials for the booklet: an abstract of the film; A photo of the director; 2 frames from the competitive film. These should be sent to the  before May 20, 2021.

The organizers of the festival are not responsible for errors and inaccuracies contained in the application. Mounted fragments or excerpts from several programs are not accepted.

The organizers of the festival do not bear responsibility for violation of copyright by third parties.

To pre-qualify for the festival selection, you need to send a link for downloading the movie. By agreement of the parties, another form of transfer of materials may be used. For any questions, please contact us at:


Festival stages

The festival takes place in three stages:

Stage I (organizational) is held from January 14 to April 14, 2021, the organizing committee accepts applications for nominations.

Stage II (qualifying) – from April 14 to May 10, 2021, the selection committee watches films and selects the winners of the festival.

Stage III – (competitive) from June 27 to July 3, 2021 – screenings of winning films, a training program and awarding of all participants.

For participation in the third stage of the festival, creative associations, studios, family groups, authors and groups of film authors who have passed the second qualifying stage are invited.


The festival includes the following programs:


  • Feature film 
  • Documentary 
  • Animated film 
  • TV program 

Five works from all over the world will be selected from each nomination.

The festival of cinema and television «KINOSVET» is not aimed at supporting rivalry among young artists, but calls for collaboration and cooperation. ALL of the works selected for the festival already will be victorious. And ALL will receive memorable prizes at the festival.


  • Feature film for children’s
  • Documentary for children’s
  • Animated film for children’s
  • TV program for children’s

One work from all over the world will be selected from each nomination.


Financial conditions

To participate in the KinoLider program, the festival invites:

– two young participants and a leader from a children’s studio, film school, television studio, creative association;

– one participant if the film is submitted by a separate author.

The costs associated with the organizational support of the KinoLider program participants (accommodation, meals) are covered by the Festival Organizing Committee. The costs associated with a visa and travel to Minsk are borne by the program participant.

To participate in the KinoProfi program, the festival invites:

– one participant (director, producer, screenwriter, film actor).

The costs associated with the organizational support of the KinoProfi program participant (accommodation, meals) are covered by the Festival Organizing Committee. The costs associated with a visa and travel to Minsk are borne by the program participant.


Festival Rules

The KINOSVET festival is a spiritual and moral event, the purpose of which is to support moral values, good all over the world, as well as the development of a healthy lifestyle through personal example, therefore there are certain rules at our festival.

On the territory of the festival and the hotel is prohibited:

1. The use of any alcoholic, tobacco, narcotic products.

2. Any aggressive and disrespectful behavior.

3. Profanity.

4. Any disrespectful treatment of food.

5. Exit the territory of the festival or hotel unaccompanied by adults.

If a participant violates one of these rules during the festival, the organizing committee will be forced to ask the participant to leave the festival.

Also, the festival provides only vegetarian food (without meat, fish, eggs). All participants will receive a fully balanced vegetarian diet, which has all the necessary vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

The leaders of the studios and film schools are fully responsible for the participants of their studios and their presence on the festival program, in the hotel and in the transfer of the festival. Only those participants who come to the festival independently and unaccompanied by adults are under the responsibility of the curators of the festival.