Winners 2020

Winners 2020

The results of the Fourth International Children’s Film and Television Festival “KINOSVET” (2020).

This year 580 works from 30 countries were sent to us:

Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Tajikistan, France, Belarus, Armenia, Croatia, Iran, USA, South Korea, Canada, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Spain, Germany, Georgia, Chile, Uzbekistan, Greece, Colombia , Peru, Brazil, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium.

So the winners of the Fourth International Children’s Film and Television Festival “KINOSVET” (2020) in the program “KinoLider” are:


  1. “Little Donkey“ – Dvakadra Animation Studio, St. Mitrofan Bishop of Voronezh Sunday School, Russia – Look
  2. Forest fairy tale “Polosatik-the-racoon” – Dariya Shulzhik, Belarus – Look
  3. “Salty Legs” – Municipal educational institution “Slantsy Secondary School No. 3” Sovenok, Russia – Look 
  4. “Departing from gray everyday life” – Animation Studio “YULA”, Ukraine, Lugansk – Look
  5. “Autumn Fairy Tale” – Children’s animation studio “Cartoon with our own hands” (“Computer Center”, Luga), Russia – Look


  1. “Like in a Fairy Tale” – Children’s Film Studio Caravan of the volunteer movement “Soul of Russia. Volunteers ” Kazan, Russia – Look
  2. “We are all for a clean world” – Ivanova Kira, Russia – Look
  3. “Light in the Darkness” – Angelina Kurashkina, Russia – Look
  4. “Here it is happiness” – Sovenok Studio, Russia – Look
  5. “I want and I will be” – Video Studio “SAMI”, Russia – Look


  1. “A Dream for Two” – Studio of children’s feature films “SlAdkOGO Film Studio”, Russia – Look
  2. “Disservice” – Creative Workroom “Dinasity” named after Pavel Kadochnikov, Russia – Look
  3. “Syndrome of non-boredom” – Children’s film studio Caravan of volunteer movement “Soul of Russia. Volunteers ”Kazan, Russia – Look
  4. “The CUP” – Studio of children’s television MÓW Production, Ukraine – Look
  5. “Grey” – Creative Development Studio Aurora Art, Kazakhstan – Look

Children’s TV program

  1. “Time with benefits” – Mikhaltsov Daniil, Russia – Look
  2. “The Department Of Kadriks: Puppet Theatre” – Children’s Studio “SILVER MARS MEDIA”, Ukraine, Lugansk – Look
  3. “One day in the profession of a pediatrician” – Vadim Irkhuzhin Studio “School TV“ EC “Newton”, Russia – Look
  4. “Fireflies” – Children’s TV Studio MÓW Production, Ukraine – Look
  5. “They ate GMOs here” – Studio“ Aleteya ”, Russia – Look

The winners of the Fourth International Children’s Film and Television Festival “KINOSVET” (2020) in the program “KinoProfi” are:

ANIMATION FILM for children: ⠀

“The Kite” – FAMU – Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic (password:  famu-online) – Look

DOCUMENTARY FILM for children: ⠀

“Just another day” – Production Center Yeralash, Russia – Look

FEATURE FILM for children: ⠀

“Best Friends” – Chechenfilm studio, Russia, India ⠀

Children’s TV Program:

“International Day of Kindness” – LTD ”TRC ”SIGMA”, Ukraine – Look


“Challenge accepted” – Oleg Zakharov, Russia – Look

Special diplomas:

1) The diploma for an extraordinary touching disclosure of a historical theme as well as the theme of family happiness, hope and faith:

Animated film “Hope” – the author’s project of Tatiana Churzina, Russia – Look

2) The diploma for covering the topic of mentoring, kindness and mercy in a film for children and youth:

“Mentor” – Charitable Foundation “Mercuria”, Russia.

We congratulate all the winners of the Festival!

Below you can learn how to take part in the V the International Children’s Film and Television Festival “KINOSVET 2021”:

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